My Own Projects

InstaDown v2 Commandline Instagram downloader written with Python that use Instagram API

GoTRPG Game of Thrones themed roleplay game (RPG)
BBM103 Assigments Hacettepe BBM103 Python Lab. assigments
Not.py Lightweight note taking webapp written with Flask microframework
Milis Linux Wordpress theme Wordpress theme integration
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Contributed Projects

0w1/Troya Url Shortener Fast, secure and easy to use url shortener service

Santa Clara Insurrance Policy Service Santa Clara is complete SaaS solution for Insurrance policy calculation and customer management.
Milis Yükleyici (Milis Linux Installer) Milis Installer is PyQT based graphical installer application for Milis Linux
Komutan/Komutan Next Web based remote control application designed for Milis Linux
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Translation Works

TLP QT Turkish Translation for TLP QT tool

Gnu Social Turkish translation for Gnu Social core modules
Kalzium Turkish translation for Kalzium chemistry software
Questions2Answers Turkish translation for Questions2Answers script

"Kitap ve Kahve Kokusu" Joomag interactive e-magazine. Click on image for preview...

"My Xlibris: From tablet to tablet